Every year the International Maritime Organization celebrates World Maritime Day. The exact date is left to individual governments but is usually celebrated during the last week in September. The day is used to focus attention on the importance of shipping safety, maritime security and the marine environment and to emphasize a particular aspect of IMO's work.



2013 World Maritime Day Observance

2013 World Maritime Day Observance and Sustainable Maritime Development Conference

Pier 40, aboard the Hornblower Infinity in New York City, Wednesday, October 30, 2013

0800 Conference registration and continental breakfast
0900 Conference opening and welcome
0930 Promoting a safety culture and environmental stewardship
1030 Coffee/Tea Break
1100 Energy efficiency, new technology and innovation
1230 Luncheon, with keynote speaker Mr. Joji Sekimizu, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)
1400 Maritime education and training
1500 Coffee/Tea Break
1530 Risk Management: Senior Leadership Roundtable
1730 Closing remarks by Admiral Robert J. Papp, Commandant, United States Coast Guard (invited)
1800 World Maritime Day Reception
1900 NAMEPA Awards Dinner

SPONSORS: Blank Rome Maritime, Clay Maitland, Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation, Propeller Club of New York and New Jersey, and the Sea Research Foundation. Click here to learn more about becoming a sponsor of this World Maritime Day Observance.

2012 World Maritime Day Observance

TEXT: Lessons (and Memories) of the Titanic, 1912-2012

World Maritime Day Observance, "TITANIC AND THE ARCTIC", Banff, Alberta, September 17, 2012. Click here to read Clay Maitland's observations of the wreck of the Titantic and how it has affeected our understanding of maritime safety near arctic waters.

2012 National Maritime Day Seminar, Dinner & Awards


National Maritime Day Seminar, Part 1

Natinal Maritime Day Seminar, Part 2

AMVER Awards Dinner Speakers


On the Waterfront: the Evolving Role of Port Ministry by the Rev. Canon James D. Von Dreele. History and evolution of maritime ministry for port chaplains and others serving seafarers, dock workers, ship owners, and port authorities.

2011 World Maritime Day Observance and Coast Guard Mission Conference

October 27-28, 2011
Tampa, Florida

Piracy, stewardship, safety, and security headlined this day-and-a-half event.

Click here or the image above to see the flyer with details of the World Maritime Day observance and the Coast Guard Mission Conference.


  • Introduction by Clay Maitland, Master of Ceremonies and VADM Brian Salerno, USCG, Conference Chair
  • Piracy: What Are We Facing? Identifying the Challenges and Issues. A Legal Framework by John Kimball, Blank Rome LLP. Guarding Against Piracy by Kevin Doherty, Nexus Consulting. The Seafarer's Experience with Piracy by Roberto Giorgi, V.Ships. Experiencing Piracy, What Shipowners Need by Joe Cox, Chamber of Shipping of America. Save our Seafarers - The Movie by Carleen Lynden-Klauss, NAMEPA.
  • Addressing The Way Forward. Solutions to Piracy Dr. Martin Murphy, Author. What Governments Can Offer: Cooperation of States and Regions by Tom Kelly, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, US State Department. Compliance Through Awareness and Access by Owen J.Doherty, MARAD. On The Waterfront - The Navy's Advice for Industry by RADM Kevin M. Donegan, US Central Command Director of Operations, United States Navy.
  • Seminar Chairman Welcome and Overview by Master of Ceremonies: Captain Kevin Kiefer , and Seminar Chairman: RADM Paul Zukunft.
  • Stewardship Seminar. Enforcing Environmental Regulations, Captain Steven Poulin, USCG. Role Of The NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), Clay Maitland, NAMEPA. Prevention and Response, Ray Botto, SeaRiver/Exxon Mobil.
  • Security Seminar. Global Supply Chain Security, U.S. Policies and Initiatives, Sean Moon, Department of Homeland Security. Supply Chain Security at Area Port of Tampa, Jay Todras, U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Border Protection, Mr. Fulvio Fracassi, Director General of Marine Security, Transport Canada. Balancing Commerce and Security, Rob Lorigan, Overseas Shipholding Group. Impact on Seafarers, The Rev. James Von Dreele, NAMMA (North American Maritime Ministry Association).
  • Safety Seminar. Ensuring Safety, Harry Vordokas, Germanischer Lloyd. On Board Safety For Passengers and Crew, Richard Pruitt, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, RCCL. Caring For The Crew,Christina DeSimone, Future Care. Embedding A Risk Management Culture, Dr. Martha Grabowski, Rensslaer Polytechnic Institute and Le Moyne College.
  • Conference Wrap Up, RADM Paul Zukunft, USCG


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Press Release

September 23, 2011 ― Piracy will be the focus of this year's North American World Maritime Day Observance being held in Tampa, Florida on October 27 followed by a US Coast Guard Missions conference on October 28, which will feature panel discussions on the stewardship, safety, and security missions of the Coast Guard. Both events will be held at the Marriott Waterside in Tampa and are free and open to the public. North American regional representatives from industry, government, and NGOs will dialog on these critically important regional issues. The events directly follow the USCG Flag Officers' conference and Innovation Expo.

For the past several years, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has promoted awareness about the maritime community through World Maritime Day. Issues important to the global maritime industry (technical cooperation, seafarers, climate change, etc.) are highlighted at events occurring in London, a selected parallel country, and throughout the maritime nations. It has been observed in the United States since 2006, in Canada since 2008, and in 2009 the United States hosted the Parallel Event. In 2010, Transport Canada was host to the World Maritime Day Observance in Vancouver. This year's, in Tampa, our focus will be on piracy.

The 2011 North American World Maritime Day Observance will include an overview of the current piracy situation, with Kevin Doherty of Nexus Consulting providing updated information and John Kimball of Blank Rome outlining the legal structure. Joe Cox from the Chamber of Shipping of America will present what shipowners need to protect their crew and ships.

Addressing the way forward will be Tom Kelly, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the State Department discussing what governments can offer, followed by the Navy's advice for the maritime industry. Dr. Martin Murphy, author of Somalia: the New Barbary, Contemporary Piracy and Maritime Terrorism and more treatises on piracy, will offer solutions to the scourge.

VADM Brian Salerno is the Chairman of the 2011 World Maritime Day Observance, with Jeffrey Lantz and RADM James Watson moderating the panel sessions.

The October 28 Coast Guard Mission Conference will bring regional and industry attention to the core responsibilities of the United States Coast Guard -- Safety, Security and Stewardship -- through panel discussions on each of the missions. Speakers include senior industry, regional governmental and Coast Guard leaders covering a wide array of topics including supply chain security, border protection, innovation technology, and the role of non-government organizations. Coast Guard personnel (including RADM Paul Zukunft, RADM Fred Kenney, RADM James Watson and others), Thomas Smith of UNEP, and Clay Maitland of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association will examine the role of the NGO, Ray Botto of SeaRiver/ExxonMobil will address prevention and response; the Port of Tampa will cover supply chain security, The Rev. James von Dreele of the North American Maritime Ministry Association will address security impacts on seafarers, and Christina DeSimone of FutureCare will speak about crew safety. Overseas Shipholding Group and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines will also be participating.

The luncheon keynote speaker will be Donald Roussel of Transport Canada discussing "Regional Response & Cooperation―the "What if" Factor.

For more information about attending or sponsorships, please contact Carleen Lyden-Kluss at +203 255 4686 or click here to send her an email.


2010 World Maritime Day Observance:
November 17-18, 2010, Vancouver, British Columbia

A world-class conference in Vancouver in recognition of World Maritime Day. Our theme was “The Year of the Seafarer.” Click on the links below to see what was presented.

“Anthem to the Seafarer” debuted on Nov. 17, 2010

A service honoring the seafarer at Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver, recognized the “Year of the Seafarer” and paid tribute to seafarers who contribute tirelessly as stewards of the ships which transport over 90% of the world’s goods. The anthem was commissioned by the Baltic Exchange, and was performed by the Christ Church Cathedral Choir under the direction of Rupert Lang.

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2009 World Maritime Day Observance
October 16-18, 2009, New York City

Photos from the 2009 World Maritime Day Parallel Event

Video from the 2009 event by Amver

The United States hosted the 2009 International Maritime Organization (IMO) World Maritime Day Parallel Event. The Parallel Event was co-sponsored by the Department of State, Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, Maritime Administration, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The theme for the 2009 event was Climate Change; A Challenge for IMO Too! The United States Parallel Event was held in New York City on October 16-18, 2009. Various other ports throughout the United States hosted simultaneous events in their location. The goal of World Maritime Day is to attract public, private, and government attention to the many environmental initiatives within the maritime community to reduce the effects of climate change.

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